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KSI Vs Fury Fight 2023 PREVIEW

KSI Vs Fury Fight 2023 PREVIEW

KSI comes out in a karate-style stance with his hands down. He lands a quick right but the ref is being more aggressive about ending these clinches and Fury has a jab going.

KSI has faced a number of journeymen with solid boxing skills but his best opponent was a pro, Joe Fournier, who was ruled out via illegal elbow. That should make for a tough test tonight against Fury.

What to Expect

Influencer boxing is back in a big way, and two of the innovators of this new trend are set to square off against each other in Manchester, England on Saturday night. YouTuber KSI takes on Tommy Fury, the half brother of heavyweight champion Tyson who made his name as an influencer with a split decision win over Jake Paul earlier this year.

KSI has made a name for himself in the new genre of celebrity fighting by taking on social media stars and reality TV personalities in the ring. While the results have been mixed (his last fight ended in a No Contest due to an accidental elbow strike), he has built up a substantial following. Fury, on the other hand, is a professional boxer who holds a 9-0 record and looks to add another impressive victory to his list of achievements.

The bout will take place at the 20,000-seat AO Arena and is expected to be broadcast in over 180 countries. In addition to the main event, there are ten other fights on the undercard including Logan Paul against MMA fighter Dillon Danis.

In terms of betting, Fury is a -400 favorite over KSI with the over/under at 3 rounds. The better value bet is on Fury to win by decision, as he has the reach and power advantage against his smaller opponent.

Round one: Fury lands with a couple of big punches to start the fight and appears to be outboxing KSI early on. But KSI gets in a couple of wild swings and almost knocks Fury out with a right. The judges dock KSI a point for hitting him after he grabs him by the neck and he continues to try to rough up his opponent.

The first three rounds are close and Fury has a slight lead. But in the fourth, KSI begins to find his range and begins to connect with several punches. Fury responds with a few of his own, but he isn’t able to put much together until the final round. This is when he begins to really find his rhythm and starts to pull away from KSI with some hard shots.


KSI and Fury represent the two biggest names in the revitalization of influencer boxing. While KSI has been able to carve out a niche for himself with some impressive showings, including a split decision win over Logan Paul, Fury is the half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson and a legitimate professional boxer with a pristine 9-0 record. The pair will settle their feud on Saturday night at the AO Arena in Manchester, England.

The fight is expected to be an entertaining affair, with both fighters bringing plenty of hype and star power into the ring. KSI’s unorthodox fighting style has caught some of his opponents off guard, while Fury’s long list of notable professional wins should give him plenty of confidence entering the fight.

Round 1: KSI comes out with some energy, jumping around and trying to make the fight more like a brawl than a boxing match. He clinches with Fury but can’t seem to land much with his reckless punches. Fury is more disciplined, taking his time and finding holes in KSI’s defense. He’s also landing some good jabs, and he seems to be getting the better of the clinches.

In the final minute of the first round, KSI tries to fling his arm around Fury’s neck in an attempt to throw a big blow. The referee warns him that it’s illegal, and he seems frustrated about the call.

Round 2: KSI is clearly losing his stamina and looks like he’s tired out, but he’s still throwing big, reckless punches. Fury is able to keep him in range with his jabs and lands a couple of clean strikes.

KSI’s inability to punch and his lack of experience compared to Fury will likely prove costly in the longer term, but the latter’s sound fundamentals and reach advantage should see him get the job done inside the six-round distance. Fans can back Fury to win by a decision at FanDuel, with the Over/Under prop at -154 on the over offering some value. The under has a solid chance of hitting, as well.

Round-By-Round Analysis

KSI and Fury have been training hard for this fight, and the crowd at the AO Arena is in high spirits. The two have been involved in a number of controversial arguments on social media, but it’s time to see who’s the better fighter.

The first round begins with both fighters clinching. KSI’s lunging, pouting style makes it difficult for Fury to box and he is unable to find the clean shots needed to turn this fight around.

Both men tangle early on and KSI lands a right hand. Fury tries to fend off the attack by taking his opponent out of position, but this backfires as KSI lands another right and then puts the fight on the line with a straight left.

Fury is unable to find his range in the opening rounds and he’s being punished by KSI’s jab. Fury is attempting to get inside and he lands a left, but KSI responds with another right. It’s a very scrappy round and both men need to step up their game.

Round 2

KSI is starting to look tired and the referee could be more aggressive in ending clinches. Both men are able to lands punches but they’re very sloppy and the action is lacking in quality.

Round 3

KSI continues to clinch and throws occasional jabs, but the boxer has yet to display any real technique in this fight. He’s in fantastic shape, but muscles don’t win fights – they need to be combined with skill and accuracy.

Round 4

The action has picked up in the latter part of this round, and Fury is starting to land more punches. KSI is still trying to use the clinch and his height advantage, but his lack of boxing skills means that he’s giving away too many points by fighting this way. He needs to change things up and he should be targeting the body more. The crowd is chanting for Fury and he’s making this fight harder on his opponent by throwing some straight right hands. KSI lands a right as the round ends.

Final Words

After a hugely entertaining undercard featuring a pair of mismatched boxers, the main event is finally here as KSI takes on professional boxer Tommy Fury in an MMA and DAZN: X Series matchup. Fury is coming into the fight looking to regain his Misfits Boxing title and show he still has the boxing skills that he once had. Meanwhile, KSI is looking to back up his victory over Jake Paul by taking out another influencer boxer.

Round 1:

The fight gets underway and KSI comes out swinging in an attempt to try and intimidate his opponent. Unfortunately, this does not pay off and he finds himself caught with a right hand from Fury. KSI then tries to catch Fury in the face with a wild shot but misses and is docked a point for doing so. KSI then attempts to clinch and manhandle Fury but can’t make it work as Fury lands a few short hooks on the inside.

Round 2:

The second round is more of the same as both fighters are warned for excessive clinching. KSI still can’t seem to control his opponent and keeps hitting wildly with his hands. Fury is much more composed and lands a few solid shots. He is also able to find some space and land a left hook on KSI.

Round 3:

KSI is again warned for clinching and he seems to be losing steam as the rounds go by. He tries to punch Fury in the back of the head but again can’t seem to get enough power behind his shot. Fury lands a couple of decent blows and is probably the winner of the round.

The fourth and final round is a lot more cagey as the two men are unable to find any momentum in the opening minutes. KSI tries to break out but he is caught with a short left from Fury and is then tagged with a big right as he tries to hold on to him.