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KSI Vs Fury Fight 2023 Results

KSI Vs Fury Fight 2023 Results

Tommy Fury secured a controversial majority decision win over YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI in the main event of the Manchester Arena show. Tyson Fury’s half-brother had to overcome a point deduction early in the fight.

KSI looked good against Jake Paul, but he struggled in this main event against the more experienced Fury. KSI repeatedly clinched and grabbed throughout the fight.

Round 1

The Briton shook off the ring rust in the second round by landing a solid right hand on his opponent. He looked much more composed than he did in the first and was beginning to lean on his opponent, hoping to wear him down.

KSI kept trying to turn the fight into a brawl by keeping his hands down and lunging at Fury, who was clearly struggling to find his range. In one instance, the pair were in a clinch and KSI grabbed at Fury’s neck, earning him a point deduction for ‘grabbing’.

However, despite the grabbing, Fury was able to cling onto the lead that he had earned in the first round. KSI was unable to do much in response and the round ended with Fury on top. The co-main event saw Logan Paul beat Dillon Danis in a brutal encounter, with the American showing off some clinical boxing in the process.

Round 2

KSI takes control in the early exchanges as Fury keeps his hands at his waist. He lands a right hand to the back of the head and gets deducted a point from a foul.

Fury starts to smother KSI with clinching but cannot find the jab to get any clean shots through. KSI is looking for the big power shot but can’t make it work.

KSI is starting to look gassed and the round ends with a flurry of clinches. Fury does a bit of boxing in the final minute but he is having trouble dealing with all the grabbing.

Round 3

The pair trade punches in the opening exchanges. KSI hits Fury on the body and then pings him with a straight right hand. The crowd at the AO Arena is roaring and this is much more entertaining than the previous fight.

Round 3: KSI continues to get into the clinch with Fury and the pair trade punches. KSI lands a shot to the back of the head and Fury gets deducted a point. A more experienced boxer would not have taken that bait but he is clearly still a novice.

Fury needs to start putting more punches together. He has a jab but is struggling to connect with it. He can’t take advantage of KSI’s lunging and pouncing style. The ref could be more active in ending the clinches. A more aggressive approach from Fury might help him win this. He is behind on the cards and needs a big round.

Round 4

The world of celebrity boxing erupted into a fever pitch as two heavyweight rivals went head to head in a clash that highlighted the universal appeal of sport and the enduring allure of a battle waged with honor, grit, and unyielding determination. As the bell rang, KSI vs Fury delivered on its promise of a thrilling fight as YouTube influencers threw down in an arena full to capacity.

The opening round was sloppy, as both fighters tended to clinch when at distance. This smothered any chance for either man to land anything meaningful and allowed them to be warned for excessive clinching.

Fury did a better job of connecting with his cleaner boxing but still struggled to find the mark against a very slippery opponent. He also got a point docked for punching KSI in the back of the head, which seemed very unsportsmanlike. This was a major setback for the former professional boxer and his claims to being a true champion of the sport.

Round 5

KSI takes a quick start as he looks to use his MMA stance and looping shots. He lands a right hand and then tries to rush Fury again. The former Love Island star catches KSI with a shot to the back of his head and is deducted a point for that.

Both fighters are warned for clinching as they continue to grapple and disappoint. They are both relying too much on that strategy as they can’t make a mark with their punches.

KSI starts round five with some pep but still finds himself into the clinch way too often. Fury can’t seem to get a decent jab off and he is starting to fade in this fight. KSI lands a big right back in space as the round ends. The judges score the contest 57-56 in favor of Fury who earned a point deduction from a punch to the back of KSI’s head. KSI’s corner are upset with the result and they brand Fury as a bad loser.

Round 6

The two fighters traded shots in the third round, although Fury appeared to have the better of it with a series of right hands. KSI adopted a more hands-down approach but was deducted a point for catching Fury on the back of the head early on in a round that saw both men struggle to find their range.

KSI continues to struggle with his awkward style and is missing a lot of his punches, but Fury is still not making him pay for it. He’s clinging to KSI and is not able to deal with the grabbing that KSI is doing, despite having a deducted point that could potentially come into play in this close round.

The defending champion Tommy Fury has the better of a messy affair with KSI, and has a 57-56 decision on the cards from the judges. KSI had shocked the crowd with his outstanding fitness but was guilty of cardinal mistakes that a professional boxer should not have been making.

Round 7

The round begins with KSI landing a big right hand and the crowd cheers. More clinching and in-fighting as Fury looks for his own jab but is not finding it.

KSI is starting to tire now and is letting himself be hit. He tries to charge in recklessly but is stopped by a quick right hand from Fury. The round ends with more clenching and this is not turning into the fight we had hoped for.

For all the goodwill that Fury had built up after beating Jake Paul earlier in the year his boxing pedigree was put back into question as he struggled to find a home for his punches against KSI’s awkward and unorthodox style. It wasn’t a robbery as KSI proclaimed but the judges were split and Fury needs to up his game significantly in order to win this. He will need to impose himself with his jab and combo but he has not been able to do so yet.

Round 8

KSI and Fury square off for the first time in a professional fight. The main event of Misfits Boxing and DAZN’s X Series featured a battle between two YouTube personalities with a long history of insults. KSI, who beat Jake Paul in a split decision earlier this year, took on Fury, the younger brother of former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, in an ugly affair at Manchester’s AO Arena.

The two men trade a few punches in the opening exchanges but most of the round is spent grappling and holding. KSI has more success when he can clinch but his grabbing tactics earn him another point deduction. Fury is able to connect with a few power shots but his rushing and pouncing style makes it hard for him to get behind his jab. Fury takes the round. The rest of the card features Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis in a crossover MMA bout.

Round 9

Michael Buffer introduces the fighters while Thriller plays in the background as Fury ringwalks to the song. KSI is wearing a mouthpiece with 108 diamonds.

They start off with a lot of clinching and some pushing, both boxers seem to be out of their element. KSI gets a nice straight right that hurts Fury.

KSI continues to pressure Fury, looking for the big shot. Fury tries to use his height advantage, but the Misfits star is too quick and agile for him.

KSI uses his jab and combo to keep Fury at arm’s length, but the Love Island reject is tiring fast. KSI takes another shot to the back of the head and is deducted a point.