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Canelo Alvarez Vs Jermell Charlo Round 2

Canelo Alvarez Vs Jermell Charlo Round 2

Canelo Alvarez showed why he’s considered a future hall of famer with a dominant win over Jermell Charlo in Saturday night’s Showtime pay-per-view main event in Las Vegas.

Canelo used his size advantage to attack Charlo’s body early and often, which wore on the American challenger, whose twin brother Jermall was expected to fight Alvarez in this matchup.

What to Expect

The opening rounds were all about feeling each other out, with both fighters cautious and waiting for their opponent to make a mistake. The fight was a back and forth affair, with Canelo throwing a lot of jabs and looking for that counter punch. Charlo, on the other hand, was content to move around the ring and look for that big shot to the body.

The big problem facing Charlo is that he’s jumping up two weight classes to face Canelo, who has fought at super middleweight all of his professional career. Jumping up to a new weight class is never easy, and it takes time for fighters to get used to the added power of their new division. This is especially true for fighters who have a naturally big frame, such as Charlo.

In the fourth round, Canelo started to turn up the heat as he stepped on the gas and began to pepper Charlo with big shots to the body. The punches started to take their toll on Charlo, who looked like he was wearing down, but still managed to fight back and score with his own combination of hooks.

Round five saw more of the same as Canelo worked the body and began to wear down Charlo. The big question mark in this bout is whether Charlo’s chin will hold up at 168 pounds.

The sixth round was more of the same as Canelo continued to pepper Charlo with big body shots. He even hit him with a massive overhand right that nearly put Charlo on the canvas. Charlo did manage to land a few of his own combinations, but it was clear that he was fighting for survival at this point.

Round seven saw Canelo continue to work the body and begin to make it clear that he was in control of this fight. The numbers from CompuBox told the story as Canelo dominated the round with 134 punches to Charlo’s 71.


With Canelo Alvarez attempting to defend both his belts and avenge his loss to Gennady Golovkin, this fight has the potential to be one of the biggest events in boxing history. Despite the Mexican star showing signs of decline in his last few fights, he remains a superstar and is determined to prove critics wrong.

Jermell Charlo has a lot to prove as well, but the big question mark is whether or not he can handle the pressure of fighting on a big stage for a long period of time. The 33-year-old is a talented and skilled world champion, but he hasn’t been on the main stage for a very long time and his inactivity could be a problem in this fight.

Regardless, I expect Charlo to get off to a fast start and look to control range early on. He’ll work the jab to set up his power shots and then look for openings to target the body while keeping his opponent off balance. I also expect him to use his reach advantage to his advantage throughout the fight, particularly when attacking the chin of Canelo.

The most difficult task for Charlo will be avoiding getting drawn into a brawl with Canelo, which is likely to happen at some point. The American is capable of fighting in fiery exchanges, but he can’t afford to do that for too long against a fighter who has shown an ability to absorb a lot of punishment in the past.

Canelo is a much better body puncher, defender, counterpuncher, and overall fighter than Charlo, which means that he should be able to dominate the fight for the majority of the rounds. However, this doesn’t mean that Charlo won’t be able to win some rounds of his own. The ring rust on Canelo’s part, the jump up two weight classes, and his lack of recent activity could allow Charlo to catch him on a good night. I think the bet on Charlo to win Rounds 1-6 (+650) is worth a shot.

Round-By-Round Analysis

The undefeated defending undisputed WBA and IBF middleweight champions Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo meet in the main event of Saturday’s pay-per-view card from Las Vegas. Join Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell for live round-by-round scoring, instant analysis and a full fight recap.

Round 1: Canelo stalks Jermell and tries a couple of jabs but isn’t getting through. He loads up on a left hook but misses. Charlo lands a right hand, catches Canelo on the ropes and then tries a stiff shot to the body. Canelo clinches and then stalks again, finding a home for a one-two. Not much in this one as both men are cautious, collecting data and waiting for their chance.

Canelo’s pawing jab starts to find its mark and the American is pushed back onto the ropes. Canelo tries to get in with a heavy left and then follows it up with a right. Charlo tries to fire back with some combination work but it doesn’t come off.

Despite the pleas from his corner to ramp things up, Charlo was unable to get out of first gear and Canelo kept marching forward with his big thundering power shots. Charlo’s plodding steps around the ring didn’t look pretty but it allowed him to slow down the champion as he picked his spots carefully.

Charlo’s defense has been incredibly solid and it’s been a question mark whether he would be able to carry his speed and power up to 168 pounds. He has proven he can do so with his win over former unified champion Jarrett Hurd.

Canelo is in the later stages of his career but he’s still a world-class talent and he’s been a bit better than he has been lately. Regardless, there is no doubting that this is the biggest test of his career to date. Can he be the man to dethrone GGG? That remains to be seen. Until then, he’s a mandatory challenger. This is a fight that should sell well, especially on PPV.

Final Words

The round starts with Canelo looking to keep control. He jabs and lands a nice right hand that takes Charlo off balance. He then moves in and lands another right hand to the body. Charlo tries to hold his own and lands a few punches of his own, but Canelo is the busier fighter. The two men are tied at the end of the round.

Canelo looks to pick up the pace in the second. He lands a couple of big right hands and follows with a left hook that puts Charlo back on his heels. Toward the end of the round, Canelo catches Charlo with a big overhand right and the American falls to the canvas. He gets up and appears okay, but he looked stunned by the shot.

Round 3 starts with both fighters trying to establish their styles. Canelo lands a few jabs and a nice left hook to the body, while Charlo is looking to counter with his right hand. The Mexican has a sour look on his face as the round progresses and it looks like he’s fighting with a chip on his shoulder.

At the midway point of the round, Canelo lands a pair of solid left hooks. He also lands a straight right and another jab through the guard. Charlo is looking for a counter, but can’t find it.

Round 4 starts with Canelo trying to establish his style and move in on Charlo. The challenger tries to land a straight right, but Canelo is able to get his glove on it and deflects the blow. The defending champion then lands a nice jab and a heavy left hook to the body. Charlo tries a few counters but can’t get the job done. The round ends with Canelo landing a few more big shots and a big left hook that puts the American on the ropes.