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Canelo Alvarez Vs Jermell Charlo Post Fight Report

Canelo Alvarez vs charlo post fight

Canelo Alvarez Vs Jermell Charlo Post Fight Report

Round 7: Canelo is pounding away. He rocks Charlo with a straight right that sends him to his knee. This is only the second knockdown of Charlo’s career.

Canelo looks to be making a statement with this win over the twin brother of undisputed champion Jermell Charlo. He wants a big fight with Terence Crawford next.

Round One

Jermell Charlo comes into this fight with a lot of ring rust. He hasn’t fought in nearly two years and moves up two weight classes in this bout.

Canelo starts out dominating from the outset, using his masterful ring IQ and sublime power to flummox Charlo.

Round Five: Canelo continues to stalk Charlo around the ring and bully him with his punching combinations. He lands a couple of hard left hooks to the body and gets a wicked uppercut on Charlo as the round ends.

Sherie performs the national anthem and then Danna Paola sings the Mexican national anthem. This is a very partisan crowd for Canelo in Vegas. Hopefully, the fighters can deliver on that energy. They certainly are trying.

Round Two

Sherie and Danna Paola are singing the national anthems as Jermell Charlo makes his ring entry. Charlo is moving up two divisions to take on Alvarez for his IBF, WBA and WBO belts at 168 pounds. He lost to Tony Harrison last year but avenged that defeat a few months later.

Canelo starts the fight with some jabs but can’t get a good return from the challenger. Charlo lands a couple of combos and is trying to find a way through Canelo’s defense. He’s not getting the results he needs and his heavy body punches are getting him tired. He takes a knee as the round ends. Canelo looks like he’s on the verge of taking control.

Round Three

The slugfest continues with Charlo looking tired but still coming forward. Canelo lands a short left hook and starts to close the distance on him.

Round Five

The Mexican stalks his rival and rips into his body throughout the round. Canelo is in control of the fight, despite Charlo’s pleas from his corner to ramp up the intensity and dig deep.

Charlo can’t keep up with Canelo’s superior hand speed. He tries to trap Canelo but misses with a big left hook. He then tries to back Canelo up with a jab but is caught by a heavy right hand from Canelo.

Round Four

The round began with Canelo cutting off the ring and smothering Charlo, who didn’t seem to have the power to match his opponent. Canelo clocked Charlo with a straight right that dazed the challenger and forced him to take a knee.

He followed with a series of jabs and more body work that wore on Charlo. The round ended with Canelo throwing bombs and landing a couple of uppercuts.

Jermell Charlo, who moved up two weight classes for this fight, seemed to be suffering from ring rust after his lengthy layoff. He didn’t have enough power to match the height and reach advantage that Alvarez enjoyed. He also struggled to keep up with the action and was often outworked. He did a good job of not getting hit cleanly, though. He didn’t land any significant blows of his own in this round.

Round Five

Canelo looks to be building a good lead in the round, and Charlo continues to back up, staying outside and using his feet to get out of trouble. A big combo from Canelo lands, and he starts to rip heavy body blows on Charlo.

A hard left hook from Canelo lands on the ribs and hurts Charlo. The crowd claps and cheers.

Canelo tries to press Charlo into the ropes but doesn’t land anything. Charlo tries to fend off Canelo with a series of jabs, but they aren’t working.

Round Six

Jermell Charlo fought for his life in the fifth round as he looked to keep his undisputed WBA, IBF, and WBO light middleweight titles. Diario AS USA’s very own Fidel Rubio breaks it down here.

Canelo continues to pound away at Charlo’s body, trying to wear him down and perhaps force a stoppage. It is working, as more people head to the exits as he lands another combination.

Canelo tries to stay on the outside and move around, using his superior speed to his advantage. He lands a big left hook to the ribs and a huge overhand right that just misses Charlo’s chin. This might be the round that makes Charlo break down. He’s clearly tired now. He needs a stoppage. And that’s what he gets in the seventh. He catches Canelo with a hard uppercut.

Round Seven

Canelo is relentlessly pounding the body of Charlo and it’s wearing down his American rival. Charlo can’t find the counter to Canelo’s jabs and is missing with uppercut attempts.

Despite his best efforts, a finish just didn’t present itself for Charlo who couldn’t deal with Canelo’s power in the early rounds. The two-division jump proved too much for him to bridge and Canelo defended his titles with relative ease. In the co-main event, Mario Barrios made his unbeaten record stand up with a solid victory over Yordenis Ugas to become the WBC interim welterweight champion. A great night for the fight industry! The stacked card also included a huge first round knockout for Floyd Mayweather protege Curmel Moton. Stay tuned for more updates!

Round Eight

Alvarez tries to trap Charlo against the ropes and unleashes big power punches, but the challenger is smart enough to avoid the worst of it. Charlo tries to land a short counter but it doesn’t connect.

The Mexican continues to stalk his opponent, working the body. This is starting to wear on the challenger, who seems content to survive until the final bell. Charlo does get a nice double jab in, snapping his head back, but it’s not enough to save him from another dominant round from the reigning unified middleweight champion. The fight is heading toward a unanimous decision win for Alvarez. He remains unbeaten in the 154-pound division and silences those who suggested he was on the decline. He will also earn a huge payday for his efforts. He will be the highest-paid fighter in boxing history.

Round Nine

The final round begins with Alvarez attacking with a combination. He rips Charlo to the body and follows him around the ring with hard jabs. Afterward, he lands a short left hook to the chin and then another combination.

The face of boxing retained his undisputed middleweight title with a lopsided win over Jermell Charlo at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez made it look easy against the tall, rangy challenger.

Alvarez’s performance was a bit concerning, however, given his lack of power late in recent fights against a faded Gennady Golovkin and Dmitry Bivol. It’s possible he’s just getting older, but his inability to put opponents away could spell trouble for the future. He’ll need to improve his finishers if he wants to maintain his status as one of the sport’s biggest draws.

Round Ten

Jermall Charlo tries to use his height and reach to his advantage, but Canelo is moving inside and landing big combos. Canelo rocks him with a straight right to the body and then follows it up with another one.

Charlo is sucking air heavily and looks worn down, but he’s not slowing down. Canelo has been trying to wear him down with thudding body blows all round, and he gets Charlo up against the ropes for some big combos late in the round.

Canelo is now 5-0 against top-level opposition since losing to past-his-prime Gennady Golovkin in 2022. That’s an impressive record, and it shows he can still compete at the highest level. His win over Charlo cements his place as one of the best fighters in the sport. He may have ring rust to deal with, but that shouldn’t be enough to stop him from making a big name for himself in the middleweight division.