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Jake Paul Vs Nate Diaz

Jake Paul Vs Nate Diaz

After his split decision loss to Tommy Fury, Jake Paul has returned for another high-profile fight. This time, he’s taking on Nate Diaz in a 10-round boxing match.

While it might seem strange for Paul to take on an aging MMA fighter, the boxing talent of the YouTube star could be enough to make this one competitive.

Round 1

Paul threw and landed some solid shots early on, but he could not get any real momentum going against Diaz. Paul has a solid jab and some decent power behind his right hand but is still a step below the best fighters in the sport at this point.

Round 2: Paul looks sharper here as he keeps his hands low and pounds away at Diaz with straight shots to the body. Paul is not showing any signs of fatigue, but it is hard to tell if Diaz can turn this fight around with his limited punching power.

A big uppercut rocks Diaz and gives Paul a chance to close the gap in this one. Paul lands another left hook and continues to stalk his opponent in the final minutes of the round as he plots for a late finish.

Round 2

In the first round, Paul showed off his boxing skill and a number of new tricks in a clear victory. The YouTube star threw a long jab and used the uppercut on the inside to make Diaz uncomfortable.

Paul also landed a big combination late in the round and scored a knockdown on a beautiful check hook. The knockdown was a huge moment for Paul as it showed that he’s taking this career seriously and knows how to fight as a true boxer.

It also shows that Diaz needs to work on his technical side of the game. He threw 45 jabs in the whole fight, landing just eight of them. In contrast, Paul threw 202 jabs and landed 34. It was a clear sign that Paul was using his jab to gauge distance and set up his power punches, while Diaz was more focused on delivering hard shots. That difference explains why Paul won a 10-round unanimous decision over Diaz.

Round 3

Paul works the jab and lands some short punches to the body. He’s trying to keep distance but Diaz keeps closing in. He tries to club Paul with short punches on the inside but Paul rebounds with a quick right and then a left hook.

Round 3: Another strong round for Paul. He’s taking control and he’s not being overly aggressive. He’s just using good boxing technique. He’s putting pressure on Diaz and he’s landing more than enough shots to hurt him.

Jake Paul looks like he’s taken this fighting seriously and he’s done the work in the gym. He’s a solid crossover boxer and he looked good here against an experienced fighter in Nate Diaz. He should have no problem making the transition to MMA. He could be a top star in that division with his skills. He’s a lot tougher than people think. That knockdown in the fifth was impressive and it shows that he has some real skill.

Round 4

AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER, DALLAS — YouTube star Jake Paul made a strong impression in his professional boxing debut, beating Nate Diaz in 10 rounds. While Diaz tried to rely on the tactics that worked in his MMA career, including taunting and feigning injuries, Paul’s superior cardio and clean punching allowed him to win a convincing decision.

Round one was a disaster for Diaz, who was unable to find an opening to hit his opponent. Paul dominated the second and third, rattling Diaz from pillar to post and landing some serious blows. The fourth was much closer, as Diaz began to work his way into the fight. He landed some big shots, but Paul was the more effective fighter. The fifth was a wild round, as Paul took some good shots in close and backed off as Diaz stalked him. The crowd was in a frenzy.

Round 5

With a third straight round of dominant work, Paul continues to make life difficult for Diaz. Using his height advantage, Paul is putting pressure on Diaz and getting some good counter punching done to him.

In the fifth, a good left hook from Paul drops Diaz in the corner and he looks hurt. But he’s able to stand up and fend off the advances of Paul for the remainder of the round.

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Round 6

Paul is pouring it on and landing a couple of big combinations. He’s showing that he really is a legitimate boxer and not just another MMA fighter attempting to transition to the sweet science. His jabs are very effective and he is connecting on more power punches than Diaz.

A hard uppercut lifts Diaz’s head up on the inside. A combination eats into him but Paul is doing the majority of the work.

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Round 7

Paul continues to control this fight with his jabs and his body work. He’s also putting a lot of pressure on Diaz to back him up. The YouTuber is also landing some good straight shots on the inside and up top.

A good left by Paul that rocks Diaz a bit but the former UFC welterweight is able to back up against the ropes. He then tries to get in a flurry but it’s not working for him and Paul is able to get back to the body.

Todd Grisham is trying to paint this as competitive and close but it really isn’t. Paul is doing a lot more damage and has a clear lead heading into the final round. Diaz is going to have to do a lot better in the last six minutes to turn this into a dramatic finish.

Round 8

Jake is picking up his work in the fight and is landing at a better rate. He lands a counter left hook. Diaz tries to tangle with him but can’t land anything meaningful. Jake lands a big right and a left uppercut on the inside.

He’s still the busier fighter, even though he’s not connecting on all of his shots. The big left hook he landed on the inside looks good, and so does his sneaky right up top.

They trade a bit more as they get closer to the bell. Paul continues to pick his spots well, and he’s not overaggressive. A big left up top glances off of Diaz’s head. In his post-fight interview, Paul reiterated his $10 million offer to face Diaz in an MMA-style fight, and it looked like Diaz was down to accept. But time will tell if that actually takes place. Regardless, Paul improved to 5-0 in his career against former UFC stars.

Round 9

A nice left hook from Paul lands and scores his first knockdown of the fight. Diaz starts to come on a bit more in this round but his defense continues to show flaws. Paul is landing at a higher rate overall but will need to continue his dominance in the final two rounds.

Paul pushes in to try and break through the clinch but is met with more clubbing punches from Diaz. The YouTuber moves back out and lands a pair of quick jabs. Diaz tries to get a body lock but can’t hold him down.

A big uppercut from Paul lifts the head of Diaz on the inside. They both miss a couple of shots up top. Paul lands another jab and then a shot to the body. He’s getting a little tired but he still looks dangerous.