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Misfits Boxing Series 008: NichLMAO Vs Swarmz Vs Ryan Johnston Vs BDave

What’s the deal?

The eighth iteration of the Misfits Boxing series is bringing a unique format to Nashville on July 22, with four content creators taking to the ring in a four-way survivor tag fight. NichLMAO and Swarmz are joined by Ryan Johnston and BDave in this first-of-its-kind clash at the city’s Municipal Auditorium.

Johnston alleges several causes of action in his Complaint: First, he claims that Defendants violated his procedural due process rights by terminating him without notice and opportunity to be heard, as well as his Fourteenth Amendment right to a liberty interest in his reputation. Second, he claims that Defendants retaliated against him in violation of the Pennsylvania Whistleblower Act, and third, that he was surreptitiously recorded in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.

Finally, Johnston argues that Defendants were in violation of the Borough Code’s provision that prohibits dismissal of an employee in his probationary period unless for cause specified in Section 1183, which does not apply to civil service appointees such as Johnston. He cites the case DeForte v. Borough of Worthington, 212 A.3d 1018 (Pa. 2019), in support of this argument.

But he also contends that the facts of his complaint are sufficient to state a claim for defamation and stigma-plus. He alleged that Daniele made slanderous public accusations about him, and that this was followed by a negative impact on his job applications.

What’s the score?

The first round of the Survivor Tag saw Johnston and Swarmz exchange some light shots before they tagged each other out. Neither boxer managed to land anything substantial, with Swarmz showingboating and Johnston just trying to stay in the fight for as long as possible. Tag after tag occurred throughout the round, with the frequent changing of boxers making it hard to follow or get behind any one fighter.

In addition to this, the Defendants argue that Daniele’s First Amendment right to record police officers in the performance of their duties defeats Johnston’s claim, citing Fields v. City of Philadelphia, 862 F.3d 353, 356 (3d Cir. 2017). The court in Fields cited a number of cases regarding citizens’ right to record law enforcement officers while performing their duties, but Johnston’s claim is not the same as those cases, which involved a citizen recording a conversation between a police chief and his subordinates.

MF & DAZN: X Series 008 takes place at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium and is overflowing with heavyweight battles, a rematch that fans demanded and the brand-new four-way survivor tag. Subscribe to MF & DAZN today to watch all of the action live and on-demand in HD from anywhere.

What’s the outcome?

The first round saw Swarmz try to hang with KSI, but the YouTuber wasted little time in establishing dominance. He worked the body and dropped Swarmz with a left hand midway through the round. After the knockout Swarmz slumped to his knees and looked to be in some serious trouble.

KSI stepped up the aggression in the second round and made quick work of the English rapper. He jabbed and went to the body, dropping Swarmz with another left hand. Swarmz tried to fight back but he was clearly outgunned, and it didn’t take long for the referee to stop the fight.

In Count I, Johnston alleges that Defendants violated his procedural due process rights when they terminated him without notice and an opportunity to be heard. He also asserts a claim for wrongful termination in violation of public policy. In Count III, he claims a violation of the Pennsylvania Whistleblower Law and a violation of his Fourteenth Amendment right to privacy in a liberty interest in reputation.

Defendants argue that Johnston’s allegations in Count I are insufficient to state a claim for stigma-plus. They further assert that Johnston fails to allege any specific harms, such as being passed over for higher paying law enforcement positions, as a result of his termination. Defendants are thus entitled to dismiss Count I at this stage.

Will Swarmz win?

The Nichlmao and Swarmz Misfits Boxing x DAZN Series 008 fight card is overflowing with heavyweight battles, a rematch the fans demanded and a four-way survivor tag team match-up. However, the main event is a Nashville-based contest between Nichlmao and Swarmz. The pair could climb to the top of the National rankings if they win their bout over Ryan Johnston and B Dave.

KSI and Swarmz square off in the opening round of this fight. The British rapper has reportedly never put on boxing gloves before and looks like he has no idea what he’s doing in the ring. KSI, on the other hand, has trained much longer and more seriously and should be able to dominate Swarmz.

Round One: Swarmz starts out by putting on pressure with his jab. He’s finding some holes in the defenses but he gets cornered for a few seconds. Deji fires a flurry and hits Swarmz with an uppercut.

Swarmz tries to bob and weave but isn’t very effective at it. He’s looking for a head shot but can’t seem to find it. KSI is trying to pick him off with quick right hooks. He lands another and almost puts Swarmz down. KSI looks like he wants to finish this quickly so he can get back to the main event. The round ends with Swarmz in trouble. KSI will probably be able to put this away in the second.

Who’s in the Survivor Tag?

A few shows ago Misfits Boxing debuted a new format for their events called Survivor Tag. This featured two boxers in the ring at a time and they could tag out at will to avoid getting knocked down or otherwise eliminated from the contest. If a fighter refuses to tag out then they will be instantly eliminated from the contest. The last man standing is the winner of the bout.

The main event of this weekend’s Misfits 8 featured a Survivor Tag match pitting influencers NichLMAO, Swarmz, B Dave and Ryan Johnston against each other. The fight was an absolute shambles as the frequent tagging of boxers made it very hard to follow the action. In addition, the frequent tagging meant that no single boxer had any clear advantage in the bout.

NichLMAO and B Dave started things off and they immediately got into a brawl that saw both men land big shots. But after a few minutes the pair tagged out leaving Swarmz and Johnston to fight. Both men swung hard but they didn’t really do much damage as the round ended with both boxers being tagged out. Round three saw more of the same with the boxers constantly swapping in and out but nobody doing much damage. Round four saw NichLMAO and B Dave get back to brawling but both men tagging out again with little success.