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Floyd Mayweather Jr VS John Gotti III Results

Floyd Mayweather Jr dominated John Gotti III in their exhibition fight Sunday night. The 46-year-old boxing legend fought the grandson of the infamous mob boss for eight rounds.

The fight started off with a delay because of a crowd chanting for Gotti. Referee Kenny Bayless had a hard time trying to separate the two fighters. Things eventually exploded into a brawl after Gotti was stopped.

Round 1

The 46-year-old Mayweather started strong and put Gotti on the back foot early. He dominated the opening round, landing big punches and taunting his opponent.

Then, in the fifth round, he unleashed a series of quick punches that sent Gotti to the canvas for what was scored a knockdown. Afterwards, he continued to punish his opponent with more shots as he looked to increase the lead.

But after six rounds, referee Kenny Bayless threw in the towel, which fired up Gotti. The 30-year-old, who is the grandson of mob boss John Gotti, refused to honor the decision and shoved the referee as he threw punches at Mayweather. Both fighters’ entourages rushed the ring and chaos ensued.

Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers ever and he showed why against Gotti, who looks to be a tough customer in his professional debut. But he still needs to do more work on his fitness and technique. He also needs to learn to read his opponents better. He’s not used to fighting guys with such power and grit.

Round 2

The second round of the main event saw Mayweather start out strong, landing big punches in the first few minutes and clearly showing he was in control. Gotti tried to throw some shots, but most of them missed or hit air.

Things began to turn south in the fifth round, when Gotti was clearly losing it. He kept trash talking and dancing around, which led to referee Kenny Bayless having to step in and halt the fight. Bayless did his best to separate the two fighters, but Gotti just got angrier and began swinging wild haymakers at Mayweather.

Bayless finally had to break it up, which is when the brawl really began. Both sides stormed the ring, and both fighters threw some punches at each other as security tried to keep the peace. It was a chaotic scene, but one that didn’t really impact the outcome of the fight, which was still Mayweather’s to take.

Round 3

The exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III was supposed to be a light-hearted affair, but things turned out differently. The two fighters traded punches and trash talk throughout the entire fight at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida. But things got out of hand in the sixth round when referee Kenny Bayless halted the fight after Gotti repeatedly grabbed Mayweather. That led to both entourages rushing into the ring and chaos ensued.

Gotti, the grandson of a notorious mobster, fought in professional MMA before he switched to boxing last year and won his first fight with a first-round knockout over fellow New Yorker Alex Citrowske. His fight with Mayweather marked his second appearance in the boxing ring.

In the first two rounds, Gotti tried to take the fight to Mayweather by throwing some body shots but failed to land anything substantial. The 5-time world champion started to pick his spots in the third round and tagged Gotti with some body punches. He continued to hit Gotti in the head and body in the fourth round.

Round 4

The exhibition boxing fight between John Gotti III and five-division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. ended with a massive brawl at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida, on Sunday. The bout was a Zeus Network pay-per-view and was billed as “Last Names Matter.”

After a slow start, Mayweather began to dominate the fight. He threw combinations with precision and didn’t appear to break a sweat as Gotti struggled to keep up with his punching power. The Rockville Center native tried to make a comeback in the final round but couldn’t catch his more experienced opponent.

Gotti, the grandson of Mob boss John Gotti, is a multi-combat sports athlete who has competed in both MMA and boxing. The 30-year-old has a professional MMA record of 5-1, and he’s 2-0 in his short boxing career. The fighter-turned-actor is trying to craft a legacy separate from his famous bloodlines. The exhibition boxing match was his third. He defeated former MMA fighter Aaron Chalmers in his previous fight in February. He’s hoping a higher profile fight will boost his relevance in the sport.

Round 5

A brawl broke out after the end of a Sunday night exhibition fight between John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Fla. Both fighters and their oversized entourages stormed the ring, throwing punches and creating an ugly mob scene.

Gotti, 30, is the grandson of infamous New York mobster John Gotti and has a professional MMA record of 5-1. He turned to boxing last year, where he’s posted a 2-0 record.

Despite having little training to speak of, Gotti is a formidable opponent and could have scored some big blows on Mayweather if given the opportunity. However, the 46-year-old Mayweather seemed in complete control throughout the fight.

The fight lasted six rounds before the referee stepped in to stop it midway through Round 6. Gotti refused to honor the disqualification call, rushing into Mayweather’s corner and throwing wild punches. Mayweather defended himself well and even threw some punches of his own, but it didn’t look like the fight was going to end peacefully. Eventually, the fighters and their camps were escorted out of the ring.

Round 6

The exhibition match between undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III was supposed to be a high-profile clash between the former four-time lineal champion and the grandson of a notorious mob boss. Unfortunately, the fight ended in a brawl.

The 46-year-old Money Mayweather was dominating Gotti throughout the first five rounds, but things began to escalate in the sixth round. As the two fighters exchanged trash talk, Gotti III tried to grab Mayweather, prompting referee Kenny Bayless to wave off the fight. The decision angered Gotti, who charged at Mayweather and started throwing punches. As a result, personnel from both camps stormed the ring and a brawl broke out.

This was the seventh exhibition match for Mayweather, who retired from official competition in 2017 and has a 50-0 record. He most recently dominated reality TV star Aaron Chalmers in an exhibition fight in February. Gotti, on the other hand, is an active MMA fighter with a professional MMA record of 5-1 and a 2-0 boxing record. The New York native also trains in both MMA and boxing.

Round 7

The exhibition match between five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather and MMA fighter John Gotti III ended with an ugly brawl. The pair fought for eight rounds in a non-combat competition at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida and aired on the Zeus Network.

It was a mismatch from the start, as Gotti was pinned against the ropes and throwing very little punches in return. Mayweather started toy with Gotti, taunting and trash talking him, but eventually he began hitting him with unsportsmanlike punches in the back of the head. Gotti was enraged and the referee halted the contest.

Gotti is the grandson of New York mob boss John Gotti and has a 2-0 record in boxing so far this year. He also has a 5-0 record in MMA. On the undercard, heavyweight Jarrell Miller faces Antonio Zepeda and MMA star Hector Lombard duels kickboxer Eric Turner in a four-round bare knuckle fight at light heavyweight. The fight was promoted by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The card also featured performances from Ozuna.

Round 8

After a few rounds of trash talk, the exhibition match between undefeated Floyd Mayweather and the grandson of the late Gambino crime family boss turned into chaos. John Gotti III, an MMA fighter turned boxer with two professional fights under his belt, began swinging at Mayweather in the sixth round, leading referee Kenny Bayless to call the bout off.

Immediately after the fight was called off, both fighters and their entourages began to throw punches. The chaos spilled out of the ring and into the crowd.

It’s hard to say what kind of effect Gotti had on Mayweather, but the 46-year-old former undefeated champion looked sharp in the ring and didn’t seem bothered by the overmatched Gotti’s MMA training and boxing record. He isn’t the most talented boxer in history, but he’s an excellent defensive technician with a solid counterpunch. He could have a tough time with Gotti’s deliberate style, but he has a good chance to win this fight for fun. Despite the rumors of a retirement, it looks like Money will be back in action soon.