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Is MLB Schedule For 2023 OUT?


Major League Baseball will have a new schedule in 2023, and it will include a more balanced slate of games. The new schedule is a result of the new collective bargaining agreement, which ended a 99-day lockout in March.

This schedule is a significant change from what MLB has been doing since 1997. It will include a more balanced schedule with six or seven games against every other team in the league.

As you can imagine, this will have a major effect on the product and how the postseason will play out. However, it is important to note that the new schedule isn’t the only change that MLB will make in 2023.

This schedule will also feature more interleague games. In fact, the number of interleague games will increase from 20 to 46.

Interleague play is a great way to bring fans into the game and create more interest in the game. In addition, it provides more money to the owners of the teams, and it allows the league to market the best stars.

However, this schedule will still have a strong focus on divisional matchups. For example, the Cubs will play everyone twice in each division in 2023.

In addition to the more balanced schedule, the MLB will also play a full 15-game season in 2023. This will include a pause for the All-Star break. On April 1 and 2, the schedule will feature all 30 teams playing at least one series.